Well trained dogs are happy dogs because they know what you expect of them. They are eager to please and a pleasure to live with. Obedience training is the road that leads to happiness for you and your dog. It eliminates problem behavior like excessive barking and chewing.

We strive to bring out the best in dogs through proper training of the dog and their human.

Basic Obedience
We train dogs to recognize hand and voice signals for elementary commands such as sit, heel, down, stay and come. 
Classes meet once a week for about an hour.
Private, group and in house training are available.
Private Lessons 
We offer private lessons to meet the needs of each individual owner and his/her dog.  We try to accommodate and work with your schedule.  Our goal is to help you “overcome any problems” you are having with your dog.  There is no charge for the initial evaluation of your dog and scheduling may be made at that time for your private lessons.   

In House Training

We will keep your dog here and train him/her for you.  After completion of in house training, we will work with you and your dog so that you will be able to handle your dog in the proper manner.  This will be beneficial for both you and your dog.

While here in our care, your dog will be housed in secured kennels.  (See Boarding)

After a period of adjustment, visits from owners are welcomed.  Phone calls to check on the progress of your dogs, will gladly be accepted between the hours of  7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m.   
 Competition Obedience
Many of our graduates have continued training to receive degrees with highest honors in all phases of obedience, tracking and protection under AKC and USA rules and regulations. We prepare your dog for competition at seven different levels:
Police Work
Schutzhund Training
Schutzhund, a German word for protection dog, is a dog sport that was created in 1900’s Germany. Originally developed as a process to determine whether certain dogs displayed the desired tendencies for police type work, it has evolved into an internationally competitive dog training sport including three phases of training, Obedience, Tracking and Protection.

This is the foundation for building a good relationship between you and your dog. The dog must precisely execute various commands on and off leash while being distracted. The dog also must remain completely under control of the handler while performing heeling, motion and retrieving exercises.

A very challenging part of Schutzhund as the dog must work with little influence from the handler while following an aged track of articles dropped by an individual. This type of training is an important component of search and rescue training also.

Through a series of exercises, the dog is able to display its natural protection abilities while under strict control of the handler. Prior to competing in this stage, a dog must demonstrate its stability around distractions like children, other dogs, strangers, cyclists, etc. Police and personal protection uses benefit from this type of training.
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