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On July 31, 2011 we adopted a 3 year old chocolate lab from lab
rescue.  He was malnourished, lethargic, and had tick fever.  We took on the challenge of nursing him back to health. Once his health was restored we found we had an untrained high energy lab who would be a challenge for anyone.  In October 2011 we decided we needed help.  After an internet search we found Bob Gibson, called him and he invited us over on a Sunday evening.  Bob saw potential but noted it would take time because this dog had a lot baggage.  The baggage must have been filled with rocks.  Bob had a way to get to the soul of this dog.  With basic obedience, tracking and Schutzhund training Bob has taken a difficult dog and transformed him into a good companion and trustworthy member of our family.  Bob Gibson was just what we needed and I will always be
David Knebel
Bob, I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all your help with my dog.  When I got him he had
been abused and had bitten 3 people; everybody kept telling me I needed to have him put down but being an old marine corps dog handler, I thought with proper help I could get him through this and sure enough with your help and guidance, Woodrow has become a great companion and guard dog.  We live out on some acreage and there are times I have to be gone out of town and my wife has to go to the barn at night but Woodrow is always ready to go. I never have to worry about anybody or anything harming her. I would like to close now by saying that I would recommend your course to anybody who is serious about training a great dog.   Thanks! 
John Ivy, Sgt. USMC   Semper fi!


This morning I was "real close" to calling and asking you 'why' you didn't suggest I take Rena to the pound and buy one of your dogs.  I had a very verbally 'harsh' one on one conversation (one sided of course) with Rena while she was in the back seat of the truck! Oh, my! She has been a  different dog since then. I think we finally 'turned the corner' thanks to you working with her! Ever since I got her back she tickles me whenever she is too close to the door...and I tell her 'back'. Love the way she scoots back without her backside every leaving the floor! Now THAT must have taken some special training! You are THEEE BEST!  Thanks so very much! 

Alice Hewett, V.P.

ABC Equipment Rental, Inc.



In the fall of 2011 I adopted a female border collie mix puppy            
from a dear friend who had rescued her starving pregnant mother.
My daughter named her "Teskey" , but she has affectionately    
become known as "Pesky Teskey"! The best way to describe                           
her.... ENERGY!!  LOTS OF IT!!!

Teskey was turning out to be a sweet & loveable dog but she was also out of control & disobedient. A few of her MANY shenanigans
included running off with us in hot pursuit which became an all too
fun game forher but a stressful exhausting one for us and she was
showing aggression towards my husband & friends. While discussing
these issues one day with a friend, she referred me to Bob Gibson
Dog Training. She had attended obedience classes with her dog and
was more than pleased with the results. So a few days later I made
an appointment and after Mr. Gibson evaluated my dog and we
signed up for private classes.

The 1st anticipated day of class came. Pesky Teskey & I arrived with
expectancy! After fitting Teskey in a new training collar and leash,       
class began. Mr. Gibson worked with her for a few minutes as he       
clearly explained some basics. He then handed her off to me. The 1st    
command we worked on was "heel".  Within minutes Teskey             
understood! I was thrilled! We continued working on "heel" and          
added "sit" & "stay". As we worked Mr. Gibson explained how          
important it is for the dog to learn patience and to wait on our             
commands and that "It is a command. NOT a request!"

As our training sessions continued, more commands were learned and perfected. Teskey continued to make improvements during class and at home. I came to realize that Mr. Gibson was not only training my dog, he was training me as well. He changed the way I think about my dog which has enabled me to become a better handler. I greatly appreciated and respected how he corrected me if I incorrectly handled my dog and was quick to praise and let me and my dog know when the job was well done. That built my confidence and was encouraging.

Mr. Gibson has a unique God given gift. He understands how a dog's brain works. His training program is
far beyond what I imagined it would be. He possesses extensive knowledge in the training of any dog of any breed ( and their owners)! I found him to be very professional and business-like, yet down to earth. He is a kind & gentle man with a wonderful sense of humor! He has a genuine interest and concern for the dogs and their owners. I am eternally greatful for all Mr. Gibson has done for me & Pesky Teskey. I am so very thankful for our new "leash" on life!!! Blessings to you Mr. Gibson!!!!
Shawna Keizor & Pesky Teskey
Happy Veteran's Day Bob!  Thank you for all that you have done 
and continue to do for our country and four-legged friends. 
Anita Henderson & Angel
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