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About A Frog

A frog walks into a bank and wants a loan. He walks up to a teller and see's
that her name is Patricia Whack. He asks her for a loan, and she says "do
you have some ID or collateral?"

He says, "yeah, no problem. Give this little frog trinket to your manager and tell him Kermit Jagger wants a
loan and his father's name is Mick. He'll know what to do."

So Patricia goes to the manager and says, "There’s a Kermit Jagger out here who says
his dad's name is Mick. He wants a loan and said to give you this trinket. What
is it?"

The manager gets a shocked look on his face and says, "IT'S A KNICK KNACK, PATTY WHACK! GIVE THE FROG A LOAN! HIS OLD MAN'S A ROLLING STONE!"

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