Our kennels are secure and spacious, fully air conditioned and heated in a country environment.  The bedroom (sleeping area) is 4’ by 5’; the attached outside run is 4’ by 12’.
Our kennels are manned 24 hours and are sanitized twice daily. Guests are exercised daily and trained if you so request.

We proudly feed a nutritionally balanced diet of Bil Jac Dog Food and have for over 35 years. However, if your dog requires a special diet we will gladly serve it according to your instructions.

Veterinarian service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any health problem that may occur. Should your pet require any medication, you may provide it and we will administer it to your veterinarian's specifications. Prior to entering the kennel, all pets are required to have current vaccinations and be free of all internal and external parasites. Dogs with any contagion will not be accepted.
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